Close note is taken of the requirements outlined in the national curriculum, but we aim to teach above and beyond its boundaries and to gain a greater depth and variety of learning.

Assembly and Religious Education

There is an assembly every day with Christian based and moral themes which help with personal and social development. Religious Education is part of the weekly curriculum, though pupils of different faiths need not take part if parents so wish. Guest speakers and representatives of various charities are invited to speak to the children.

Core Subjects

The basic schemes used throughout the school are the Ginn 360 Reading and Language Scheme and the Heinemann Mathematics.
These schemes are supplimented by class teaching, and various textbooks are used to meet the needs of individuals.

Pupils enjoy twenty minutes of silent reading almost every day and are heard by their teacher regularly, and are encouraged to choose from, and read, many different authors.

A cross-curricular approach is used to teach science, history and geography which means that a theme is chosen and studied across those three subjects, linking the content and giving more depth.
Often art, design and technology are also incorporated and the children use their computer skills to record and display their knowledge.


French is taught from Year 1, with the benifit of a specialist teacher.
Children are encouraged to develop their French through a variety of mediums including games, role play, songs and poems as well as traditional vocabulary and grammar work.